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In the last two decades, supply chain management (SCM) has greatly evolved as a result of tremendous progress in the areas of IT, infrastructure, communication and logistics. In many cases, SCM is becoming increasingly important in the field of management and, at the same time, plays a key role in the smooth and responsible customer experience that today’s consumers expect. A study shows that companies with an optimized production and distribution network can increase their gross margin by 6–10 percent.[i]   

However, the efficient management of supply chain processes that meet the needs of the modern business environment is quite a challenge. New technologies and channels have to be integrated seamlessly in existing structures. Also, complex processes need to be designed efficiently and aligned with a wide range of products and markets. Speed and accuracy have top priority here. At the same time, increasingly strict regulations require companies to be able to track their products at any point around the world. 

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is more than just a traditional logistic service provider. We support you in the digital transformation and help companies develop lean, IT-driven solutions that will promote their business in the coming years. As a comprehensive order-to-cash service provider, we not only provide traditional logistic services such as order picking, packaging and transport management; we also provide solutions in the field of order management, including front-end development, customer support, returns management and payment. On the basis of our integrated IT structures, data and processes can be managed centrally, thereby boosting business activities. Through the use of innovative analysis tools, Arvato can create forecast models, estimate demand and return volumes, and gain comprehensive insights about customers. 

We develop efficient solutions for each customer based on individual requirements, and we create added value for our customers with the help of our profound industry expertise. Through our global network of warehouses and distribution centers, our customers achieve savings and can quickly expand into new markets.


[i]Bain & Company, “Turn your supply chain into a competitive weapon.”Available at Accessed December 2018.



Solutions Overview

Distribution Network Design

Whether you are selecting or establish a location, planning your logistics infrastructure, or performing complex network and goods flow simulations – we support your Global Logistics Setup and help you build the infrastructure you need.

B2B Distribution

We manage various distribution channels and cover all services along the order-to-cash cycle. This includes connecting sector- and customer-specific ordering, VMI, and billing systems as well as handling recipient- and/or market-specific (delivery) procedures and bulking concepts.

B2C Distribution

As part of our integrated e-commerce and omnichannel solutions, we service all B2C logistics distributionchannels, and ensure a positive shopping experience with transparent ordering and delivery processes as well as flexible payment and delivery options, including easy returns.


Our omnichannel solutions have a modular structureand cover the full spectrum of services for successful omnichannel management – from front-end web shop development to bespoke logistics and fulfillment packages and complete end-to-end solutions, all tailored to your requirements.

Inventory Management

We offer a range of solutions that use intelligent, oftenautomated processes to optimize your demand, inventory, and procurement planning. This enables you to achievean ideal combination that minimizes capital commitment while maximizing flexibility.

Quality Management

To ensure the high quality of our services at all times, we use a broad portfolio of quality standards and instruments. We continuously review, validate, and qualify our processes and technology across country borders.

Customs & Trade

Import/export processing, customs monitoring, and customs warehousing – our Customs & Trade services help you to proactively manage the risks of internationaltrade, identify potential savings, and increase the efficiency of your international supply chain.


We manage your international supply chains in compliance with international trade and customs regulations as well as the latest embargo and dual-use regulations. This includes handling data and recipient blacklists in compliance with regulations.

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