Order-to-Cash Management

Order Management, Customer Service and Payment Management

The more new markets a company opens up, the more complex its supply chain and e-commerce solutions. In this case, a smooth flow of products across several countries is not the only goal. Instead, the order-to-cash processes must also function smoothly. Additionally, country-specific habits, and legal and customs-related stipulations must be taken into consideration.

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions provides order & cash management worldwide as part of its comprehensive supply chain and e-commerce solutions.

With our centrally controlled systems, we cover the entire invoicing and payment process from invoice creation, risk assessment and security for creditor management and accounts receivable management, to reminders and debt collection. Multilingual customer service teams take on your customer communication: from receiving orders to managing returns to invoicing and debt collection. Our specially trained employees are also familiar with the international regulatory frameworks as well as national regulations and customs specifications.

Our order management systems record and analyze all customer data from all channels in real time. Thanks to our data management solutions, all data are always up to date and form a secure foundation for correct entrepreneurial decisions.

We provide solutions from a single source, which makes processes significantly more efficient and customer-friendly – even for end customers. Our solutions will enable you to conserve your own resources and concentrate more on your core business.


Solutions Overview

Order Management

Our experienced teams support you and your company in this entire process along the order-to-cash cycle. Multilingual teams handle all customer communications, from receiving orders to managing returns to invoicing and debt collection.

Multi Language Customer Service

Our customer service solutions are an integral componentof our offerings. Our solutions help you be close to your customers. We advise customers, accept orders, and take care of returns, exchanges, complaints and billing questions on your behalf.

Master Data Management

As part of our order-to-cash management, we handle all of our customers’ master data. We plan and manage all the processes by which master data is recorded, maintained, and used.


We provide a diverse range of invoicing services, from consultation on all aspects of the optimal invoice layout to creating invoices, developing e-invoicing models, and advising and supporting you in finding the right price/conditions and implementing the appropriate payment method.

Payment Management

We manage your entire payment process. We can handle 100-plus payment methods in more than 100 countries, offer specific solutions for B2B commerce, and integrate the payment process into the checkout processfor a seamless e-commerce purchasing experience. 

Risk Management

A comprehensive portfolio ensures your business success: credit checks, setting of credit limits, active managementof payment methods, analysis and assessmentof the ordering, returns, and payment history of end customers, address verification, and identity check.

Fraud Management

We use our solutions to detect instances of fraud for you at an early stage, and identify suspicious patterns. Proven fraud prevention solutions include credit checks, automated profile tracking, and innovative, flexible risk management.

Account Receivables

We support your business success with professional creditmanagement. We issue invoices, record incoming payments, monitor credit limits, and actively manage receivables. 


Good collection services shouldn’t just aim to collect the money owed, but should ideally prevent the need for such measures in the first place. We develop customer- and market-specific strategies to avoid defaults on receivables. 

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