January 9, 2019 Press reports

Arvato launches fully automated ANOC and EOC platform

Arvato has launched an automated platform that supports health insurance companies in producing their CMS-regulated Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) documents. The platform manages the work stream from data input and template creation to digital and physical distribution. Its objective is to increase quality and efficiency of regulated member communications.

The solution, developed by the business unit Corporate Information Management (CIM) of Arvato SCM Solutions, is a modular concept. It easily integrates with internal systems and can be customized to meet the unique needs of each customer as a pure self-service model through to a completely outsourced serviced solution. The user-friendly platform offers individual workflow definition, real time PDF pre-views of edits and tracks of all changes applied to the document.

Benefits include compliance to 508 and CMS requirements, a fast time to market of ANOC and EOC documents during the pre-enrollment period. Further, the solution increases the efficiency by reducing costs and efforts thanks to the platform integration and less ERRATA failures.

Taking into account the myriad of factors driving complexity during the process, the solution assures that changes are applied not only with the right logic but also with compliant and consistent verbiage within the creation process. Benefit grids and PBP documents are automatically processed to guarantee a quick mapping of all variable fields. The workflow engine is easy to configure and provides an intuitive management of the review and end-to-end approval process. By addressing only the changing parts within the documents and reusing the wording throughout all other applicable documents, the solution increases the efficiency of the translation process. The system is integrated with our omni-channel publishing platform, enabling the digitization as well as on time physical print and delivery of all material.

“We have been working for the healthcare industry for over 25 years. Our core competencies match ideally with the challenges involved in the content creation of regulated materials. We were already handling most of the process and we were able to bring in the relevant content management as well as workflow experience to create a fully integrated solution that manages the data flow in an optimal way”, says Stephan Hackert, Head of the business unit CIM US of Arvato SCM Solutions.

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